Bread and Roses

Bread and Roses is the magazine of the Industrial Workers of the World in the British Isles.
It is published twice a year and is distributed free to members.
Reviews have described this as "Interesting… refreshing… European in flavour… it dares to ask questions that the Left would not even dream of asking." (Direct Action Magazine) and as being "Well printed and so easily accessible… all easy reading and so should be useful for approaching workers... to be welcomed." (Heresy Magazine).
December 2007

  • The people serving coffee?
  • The IWW and the campaign to save Chrichton campus
  • Pawns in the race game
  • My dad the fellow worker
  • Save our blood service campaign
  • Paul Robeson: An honorary wobbly
  • The woman chainmakers of Cradley Heath
  • No borders camp, climate camp and gate gourmet
  • A cautionary tale
  • French journalists take on local press bosses
  • Tolpuddle Review
  • First annual Working Class Bookfair
  • Raise your banners

May 2007

  • Chrichton campus struggle
  • Aberdeen IWW
  • Building your branch
  • Edinburgh Branch
  • European court decision on fascists
  • The role of the companion
  • Blood transfusion correspondence
  • IWW in the maritime industry
  • And if you know your history..
  • The Global revolutionary family
  • IWW a revolutionary union
  • NYC Warehouse workers
  • Colombia, the Labour Party and trade unions
  • Global warming
  • IWW songs

October 2006


  • Workers celebrate solidarity in July
  • Academy schools
  • An Education Workers Union
  • Refuse workers strike gets the goods
  • Time gentlemen please
  • Five dont's to building solidarity with part-time workers
  • More hands on deck or simply moving the deck chairs
  • Huge success for Leicester IWW
  • The IWW and Trade Unions
  • Tips for union reps
  • The General Strike according to the Wobblies
  • Aging linked to social status
  • Carlos Cortez remembered
  • Gladiators

May 2006


  • The bridge, the balloon and the bar
  • London Wobblies celebrate and plan
  • IWW Soldarity Unionism
  • Paternity rip-off
  • Understanding education to wealth
  • Union scores big victory against Starbucks
  • Stop the BNP
  • Joint Cardholding
  • We remember the Haymarket Martyrs
  • Meet the Haymarket Martyrs
  • Music Review
  • Workers Beer Company
  • Workplace safety watchdog refuses to Bite
  • Workplaces are less safe without unions
  • Bread and Roses